WARNING: May contain fuzzy and less than perfectly focussed photos..........

Self  inspired in part by simply almost always being ready with a camera in my hand and also subsequently seeing David Bradford's work: http://drivebyshootings.com/  as well as meeting and seeing some work by another awesome photographer, John Williamson: https://www.bigtalljohn.co.uk/
Having been a member of a camera club and reading and noting that camera lenses are getting sharper in the quest for perfect focus, I have sometimes been discouraged by the fact that some of my photos are not perfectly sharp and been tempted to discard them, but still kept them in files despite this!
I have more recently started reading "Show Your Work" by Austin Kleon (Thanks to my Sister, Janine) and then saw a review of another book "Feck Perfuction" by James Victore, which had a quote;
“Your voice is the story you put into everything you do. It’s what sets you apart and makes you and your work memorable. It frees you from following trends or begging for ideas, asking ‘What do they want?’ Now your most powerful tool is asking yourself, ‘What do I have to say?' " 
He also says: "The things that made you weird as a kid, make you great today"
So, here is some of my weirdness in seeing things differently and literally as life is, fleeting moments of colour or shape or movement that we see, but don't necessarily focus on fully, yet they still register in our subconscious minds as static moments in a hectic,  all too fast life.
For those interested in the techniques, basically, I always have my point and shoot with me and like David Bradford, shoot on the fly, or also often as a passenger, just sit holding my camera waiting for a moment. 
Although mostly shot from cars, sometimes I also shoot through Aeroplane, Train windows or even while running/walking/cycling. The photographs shown are not shots which were taken while out walking and then stopped to compose and take the shot.  
Many, many shots get discarded and those that I keep do have some post work done like straightening or removing window blemishes and I am sure plenty of them may get rejected at any photo competition for being technically well less than perfect, but they show some of my vision of life's Fleeting Moments.

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